Fascinating Long Narrow Dining Table

Dining table is an important table within a house. A table which is usually used by all of the family members to gather in one place while enjoying the dinner. Having a delicious food, a warm conversation to each other, or probably celebrate one’s birthday. That is why dining table should be chose properly. We have already collected some pictures containing long narrow dining table which will be great option for you to apply.

In the second picture, there is a very simple long narrow dining table yet it is still a proper one for your dining room. It is made from wood material and has a long rectangular shape. All of Its part is also covered and painted by dark brown color, the same color with the dining chairs surround it. With this kind of long narrow dining table, it is possible to accommodates at least five to six persons in a dining time. In choosing a long narrow dining table, you also have another option regarding with the material it uses. Like what described by the forth picture, it has an oak wood material. This oak dining table has a natural impression because it is not painted by any color. It still keeps the original color and also shape which is come from the oak wood itself. With the size that it has, you can put a lot of food for dinner which consist of the appetizer, main course, and also the dessert.

In the fifth picture, it has a fascinating dining set with its fascinating long narrow dining table as well. Covered by light brown color, the long narrow dining table is also accompanied by two long seats. In the seventh picture, there is also a two-toned dining table. It has a white tone in almost all of its parts, while a dark brown on its countertop that looks fascinating and cozy to have a dinner with family.

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